The world is facing a series of fundamental challenges, such as climate change, environmental degradation, pollution, and social inequality. The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) are global leaders in terms of their green transformation. Nordic Green Experiences, based in Oslo, is developed as an entry point for foreign and international actors who are interested in exploring sustainable, innovative and green ideas, solutions and systems that have been developed and implemented in the Nordic region. We also aims to showcase the natural beauty of the Nordic countries and help individuals and groups connect with nature on their visits to the Nordics. 

The main service areas: 

  •  Technical visits for individuals, companies, NGOs and government institutions to learn about the leading Nordic solutions in the face of climate change, environmental problems, and society challenges. We organize study tours around the Nordic countries to learn about cutting edge environmental technologies, policy solutions and practices etc.

  • Tour guiding and adventure travel packages for individuals and groups. Using nature for recreation and play is a core aspect of the Nordic way of life. We offer guide services and organize travel packages where customers will experience the natural beauty of the Nordic countries through tailed-made exciting activities such as skiing, hiking and biking.

  • Consulting for sustainable business strategy development and operational practices, stakeholder analysis and communication, and international cooperation and development between China and the Nordic Countries. We provide services including analysis and reporting, content making and dissemination, project design and management, language translation and interpretation (Chinese/English/Norwegian) and more based on clients´ interests and requests. 

NGE´s team has a solid and professional knowledge in the field of culture, environment and sustainability. Our team has a strong and large international network, especially in China and Asia. Our team members and external partners have extensive experiences in managing, operating and coordinating tours and receiving delegations from different levels.  

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