The NCCC webinar on China-Norway cooperation 挪中商会网上会议

On November 18th 2020, NGE had the pleasure of joining a Zoom-based conference hosted by the Norwegian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, discussing the present and future potential for collaboration between China and Norway. Her Excellency Signe Brudeset, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the People's Republic of China was the speaker at the meeting, and provided us with a lot of interesting perspectives regarding commerce and potential future changes to and implementation of policies nationally and internationally. In addition, she highlighted the importance of good collaboration between Norwegian companies operating in China and the local authorities, noting Jiangsu province as having the strongest presence of Norwegian companies in China. We also head positive news regarding the economic recovery from the pandemic internally in China, as well as being ready to resume international trade once the international community and economies begin to recover in earnest.

NGE looks forward to working with our Nordic and Chinese partners to help extend and expand commercial exchanges between the Nordics and China. We feel greatly motivated and encouraged by the words of Her Excellency, Ambassador Brudeset, and are certain that a brighter future for both areas is in sight, as we all begin to recover over the next years or so. As such, we would like to extend our hopes that everyone stay safe and healthy, and will ourselves be taking all necessary measures to stay safe in this difficult time.

2020年11月18日,NGE荣幸地参加了由挪威中国商会主办的网上会议,探讨了中挪合作的现状和未来机遇。挪威王国驻中华人民共和国大使Signe Brudeset阁下在会议上作了发言,分享了关于国内和国际相关政策方面的许多有趣观点。此外,她强调了在中国经营的挪威公司与地方政府之间进行良好合作的重要性,并指出目前在江苏省的大部分挪威公司对当地的营商环境表示满意,并和当地政府有良好的互动合作。

NGE期待与我们的北欧和中国伙伴一起,继续帮助拓展北欧与中国之间的商业往来。Signe Brudeset大使阁下的讲话使我们感到极大的鼓舞,并相信随着疫情的控制和经济的复苏,中挪合作将会进一步深入,未来发展前景光明。

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