Ocean Plastic Clean-up @ BlueTech Global Connect 海洋塑料污染治理的蓝色科技

NGE was happy to attend the January 18th BlueTech Global Connect online event, and look forward to participating in the monthly events to come. The focus of this month's event was the topic 'Plastics and Circular Economy', with presentations by the three companies from Finland, the United States, and Switzerland. All three companies focus on different aspects of ocean plastic pollution. The Finnish company works toward Asia on ship-based plastic collection of all sizes, while the American company develops processes to create granulate from ocean plastics, then further refine these granulates to recyclable plastics and other petroleum-based products. The final, Swiss company also works specific ocean plastics into granulate that is then used in injection plastic products, or sold as 3D-printing filament. NGE looks forward to learning more of these types of technologies and engaging with more companies focusing on ocean clean-up and recycling, particularly focusing on Asia. By working together and helping proliferate these types of technologies, we can create a sustainable world for future generations, while improving economic opportunities for many areas that currently suffer from economic stagnation.

NGE很高兴参加1月18日举行的”蓝色科技全球链接”在线活动。本次活动的主题是“塑料与循环经济”。来自芬兰,美国和瑞士的三家公司分别介绍了海洋塑料污染治理的蓝色科技:芬兰公司致力于在亚洲地区收集各种规模的船用塑料品; 美国公司开发了从海洋塑料中制备颗粒的工艺,然后进一步将这些颗粒精制为可回收塑料和其他石油基产品; 瑞士公司将特定的海洋塑料加工成颗粒,然后将其用于注塑塑料产品中,或作为3D打印长丝出售。 NGE将继续关注蓝色技术领域,并希望与更多专注于海洋清洁和循环利用的公司合作,协助推广这些技术的国际合作和市场开发。

Nordic Green Experiences (NGE) is a Norwegian based consulting company, specializing in facilitating project development for green and blue technology between China and the Nordics. NGE aims to develop better communication and further partnerships between Chinese and Nordic clients, by acting as liaison and advisor in the development of pilot and larger projects targeting the use of green and blue technology in both markets. You are welcome to contact us for more information!

北欧绿色体验 (NGE), 是一家挪威咨询公司,专门从事中国和北欧地区在绿色环境保护,气候变化和可持续发展方面的国际交流,商务发展及项目合作咨询业务。NGE 专注于推广挪威和中国在蓝色经济和绿色创新科技方面的国际项目发展和商务合作。我们致力于为客户提供高质量,专业化,定制性的全方位咨询服务。欢迎联系我们,期待与您的交流和合作!

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