Norway-Jiangsu GreenTech Business Conference 江苏挪威绿色科技商务会议

This past Wednesday and Thursday (11-12.11.2020), NGE had the pleasure of attending the China Jiangsu CITTC, Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization. The first day was dedicated to the Plenary Session, with an emphasis on international partnerships in developing and expanding both research into and use of technology. We were very happy to see a specific track for Norway, in addition to those for Austria, Israel, Finland, Slovakia, Korea, Australia, and Russia, particularly as many larger nations did not, indicating the interest and confidence in Norwegian technology and expertise. On the second day, Norway held its own Technology Roadshow event, with presentations from many interesting and fascinating companies in the green and blue technology spheres, particularly with a focus on organic waste recycling and water purification activities. Overall, a very productive and engaging conference that will hopefully lead to further opportunities for Norwegian green and blue tech companies to enter the Chinese market.

NGE was pleased to see a continued engagement with Norwegian technology and expertise in the green and blue space from China, and particularly in Jiangsu, the second biggest provincial economy in China. Jiangsu is, and will likely continue to be the favored province for Norwegian companies entering the Chinese market, as it is located next to Shanghai. The Jiangsu provincial government currently has an MOU with Innovation Norway focusing on promotion of green tech, R&D, and commercialization. We are encouraged by these initiatives, and believe that even more opportunities will arise for our partners and clients in this space in the future. We look forward to potentially collaborating with the participating and other companies and organizations in the future, particularly as we seek to grow our Norway-China Blue Network.


江苏省经济综合竞争力居全国第一,地区生产总值占全国第二位,是中国经济最活跃的省份之一。江苏毗邻上海,将继续成为挪威公司进入中国市场的首选省份。江苏省科技厅目前与挪威创新组织签署了谅解备忘录,重点是促进绿色技术的研发和成果商业化。在这个政府间国际合作发展框架下, NGE 将继续致力于推广江苏和挪威在绿色和蓝色科技和循环经济领域的国际合作发展。我们相信未来在此领域会有巨大的发展潜力和更多的商业机会。我们期待同更多相关机构和公司展开深入合作,进一步发展和扩大´中挪蓝色伙伴商务合作网络´。

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