China Europe Water Platform (CEWP), is a EU-funded project which aims to strengthen China and Europe collaboration in the field of water. The Business Program of CEWP is to assist European companies in the water industry access the Chinese market. Nordic Green Experiences (NGE) is a strategic partner of CEWP, functioning as the national contact point of CEWP in Norway. NGE provides support in coordination and facilitation of CEWP´s activities, with a particular focus on Norway China water business development. 

We, CEWP, work with partners from a number of National Water Technology Organizations on both Chinese and European side, including The EU SME center in China; The EU chamber of commerce in China; Ministry for Environment in China; Ecology and Ministry for Water Resources in China. 

We will organize a series of webinars from November 2020 until May 2021, focusing on sponge cities / blue-green cities (the scope of Lot 3 urban water) and wastewater management, the latter with a strong notice given to the newly launched Chinese goal on Carbon-neutrality in 2060. There is a strong relation between wastewater treatment technologies and the water system infrastructure (addressing energy dimension of water management). The Water Sector consumes some 5-10 % of Chinas electricity, which is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. In addition to that, we hope to be able to organize the physical side-events at IWA World Congress in Copenhagen in May 2021 and Aquatech China (Shanghai) in June 2021. 

Through the webinars and physical events, we bring local professionals and specialists and other relevant stakeholders  from both sides to discuss a specific topic and workable solutions, and provide opportunities of showcase of water technologies and solutions to the relevant Chinese and European stakeholders.

The business program of CEWP focuses on business cooperation. We help your business to understand: 
If and how your technologies/solutions can fit into the big picture of Europe China water business collaboration
If and how you have transformed your technologies in order to adapt to the trends of digitalization and automation.
If and how your technologies can provide water energy efficiency solutions to the Chinese market.


For whom (particularly from Norway):

Companies who provide solutions/systems in the water sector (e.g. water management and waste water treatment)
Companies who provide simple technology for water management and waste water treatment
Companies, clusters, or institutions who have involved in China Nordic smart and sustainable city collaboration

We are also open to stakeholders who are interested in this field and would like to explore opportunities for cooperation and partnership.


More information and relevant news regarding with the webinars and physical events will be provided later. 

You are welcome to contact us!