Nordic Green Experiences (NGE) provides multiple ways for individuals, companies, government agencies, research institutions and NGOs to experience the Nordic countries and learn about how these societies and communities work and how they try to solve the important challenges facing us today, such as global warming, pollution, biodiversity loss, social inequality, mental health problems etc. NGE also helps individuals and groups explore and connect with the amazing natural beauty of the Nordic countries in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, both through stand alone adventure travels and by integrating adventure travels in our educational tours. 

NGE cooperates with local NGOs, private companies and public institutions to provide exciting learning experiences based on Nordic values, traditions and technologies. We offer a wide range of travel and study tour packages based on our intimate knowledge of the Nordic countries. We also design tailor-made packages based on the specific needs of our clients. We also offer adventure travels for individuals and groups in cooperation with local suppliers who base their business practices on sustainable and environmentally friendly principles. 

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